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Bersempena musim exam ni, saya repost ape yg saya pernah post dlm blog friendster saya dulu… moga bermanfaat~~ 🙂


let the story begins:
once upon a time….there was a student,a bright medical student who’s on her/his way to the mid-sem xm. with excellent preparations(study,doa) he/she started the xm with lafaz bismillah…
the time given for the xm was 45 minutes-20 mcq’s. calmly the student answered, question by question.
after finishing,he/she rechecked again the answers…n changed 3 of the answers…
then,times up–paper was collected..and this student handed his/her paper bi lafz “bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘ala Allah wala haula wala quwwata illa billah”
he/she felt happy finishing the paper but still,with sum curiosity of the answers-were they correct or not..
without wasting any tyme,the student discussed the answers with her/his fellows n looked for the answers in the text book..
as usual..he/she noticed that he/she had 5 wrong answers….and two of them were already correct until the student made up his/her mind to change the answers.. aarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
–wut a stupid decision?
–why am i so ‘clever’ to change the answers?
–wut happened to me?
–why can’t i remember the answer just now?
–why…why…??? saying or feeling all these things…the student had done 2 things:
1)he/she forgot to think this way—-”its only 5 out of 20″ how can i be so madly angry n blinded by the 5 and not thanking the rest 15?who are the one giving u the idea(ilham) to answer questions easily n smoothly?its Allah..He can make all ur 20 answers wrong by making u blanked , instead He let u answer 15 questions easily n smoothly…n He just testing u with 5 wrong answers..think 4 the rest of ur friends… maybe they’re worse than u..where is ur syukr here?
==people can easily tell themselves to be patient with problems===but seldomly forgot to feel grateful for ni’mat they’re getting==

2)he/she had denied the tawakkal he/she’d just said…by lafz means that u r leaving it all to Allah…be ur answers right or wrong…n u need to have redho here…if u r still questening or feel worried bout it…then u still haven’t tawakkal yet…

so,dont blame urself or anything around u once u r not doing well in ur xm or anything… be careful.. i dont mean that u just can leave it like that….well,u can do reflection on ur performance n work harder to get a better result…but once u’d given all the effort, with doa n tawakkal..there should be no more worries…. just leave it to Allah…He’ll take care of the rest..

another point here is…anything happen to is all known by Allah…ur result,ur rizq, ni’mah,problems, trials, n etc…Allah is the one creating us..n surely He knows us better than we are..He knows what’s the best for,eg:when we didn’t had full mark in our xm…maybe its better as if we had full marks, we’ll be riya’..
n also…when we keep praying n asking 4 success,n it didn’t come..maybe Allah wants us to work more n ask more from Him.He loves to hear His ‘abid keep asking from Him..

being a medical student (bright n excellent student)
we’d been accustomed to be perfect in everything we do.. being a perfectionist sometimes make us hard u accept sumthin defective (even there is just a small defect)..i myself felt the same b4..but life is like this..nothing is perfect..except Allah

well…once saying these things to others…i must do it first…telling others also reminding me of my own words…although in fact, i myself are not truly like wut i’d mentioned above…(i also worried for the coming xm results..hhehe)…still i’m improving myself from time to time…hopefully,biiznillah…

so…all da best 4 the exam…
effort-doa-tawakkal-redho……najah insyaAllah–fi dunia wal aakhirah~~


Well, exam surgery dah lepas 2, ada satu lagi… mmg susah exam tu… mmg sedih jugak… tapi jgn lupa bersyukur dgn pertolongan Allah… jgn lupa jugak reflect balik kesalahan2 kita…

waktu mcq aritu, lps bincg baru perasan sy x nmpk satu jwpn utk satu soalan ni… mmg x nmpk lgsg, xde dlm memori langsung…kuasa Allah nak hijab kita drp nampak sesuatu jwpn tu… bnyk dosa sehari-hari… astaghfirullah~~

mmg susah nak tawakal… tapi kena cuba jugak… caranya, studi betul2..

beza kan situasi2 di bwh:

1-x abes studi + x boleh jawab

2-x abes studi + boleh jwb

3- abes stdi + x boleh jwb

4- abes stdi + boleh jwb

situasi 1 – nak salahkan siapa? nak tawakal pun rasa bersalah sbb x abes usaha.rasa mcm xlayak je nak tawakal..betul x?so…kenala usaha betul2 (terasanya~~)

situasi 2 – rezeki la dpt jwb..tapi kalau selalu sgt mcm ni boleh terleka kita.. boleh jadi malas nak usaha…bahkan boleh timbul riak …na’uzubillah (terasa gak~~)

situasi 3 & 4 – kalau dah abes studi, yakin & tawakal kpd Allah…hati pun senang… boleh jwb alhamdulillah…kalau x boleh jawab pun terima… xdela rasa nak menyalahkan diri sendiri…

makanya~~jom ramai2 baca buku!!! Muslim kena jadi the best~~

Rabbuna yunajjih~~syudda heilak!!!


our last day in surgery dept~~


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