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An ideal muslim student…

An ideal muslim student…this is the title of the talk given by Mr Idris Tawfiq during the 1st day of 1st year orientation week…Alhamdulillah we managed to contact him and get his word to come to Alexandria University to giv a talk to the 1st year students…n Alhamdulillah again, he didn’t asked for any pay, except for his one night stay at the hotel…all he wanted is to talk to us…n share his experience…

A brief biodata of him…Idris Tawfiq is well known for the way he writes and speaks about Islam for young people. He has a degree in English Language  and Literature from the University of Manchester and a degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome. For many years he was Head of Religious  Education in different schools in UK. More remarkably, before embracing Islam he was a Roman Catholic priest. For more info log on to

Mr Idris Tawfiq

Mr Idris Tawfiq


Students asking for his autograph;)

Students asking for his autograph;)


taking picture with Mr Idris Tawfiq

taking picture with Mr Idris Tawfiq

Actually there wasn’t much for me to share bout his talk here..the talk was’t very factual which I wrote nothing on my notebook…it was more likely to be listened , make you think n to touch ur heart… As he had an interesting, unique history or experience…so, the talk was like we’re hearing someone telling stories…. which i believe much preffered by the students…everyone likes to hear stories…and stories can be a part of dakwah…we sometimes learn more tru stories than tru factual writings…Even our holy Quran, more than half of the content are stories…which we benefit and take lesson very2 much….

You guys need to hear the talk by ur if I tried to tell it here, it wont be the same…For me, not only the talk n the contents which attracted me…looking at his face already can bring me tears…thinking n evaluating myself…how can this person, a priest before, once get hidayah from Allah, turns out to be someone talking n writing about the beauty of Islam..n appreciates Islam more than we(born in Islam) do… In fact, I myself had been a muslim for a longer period than him….but wut had i done??Have i trully make people around me sees me as an ideal muslim?how many words coming from me asking n telling others about Islam?mmm…O Allah, forgive me when I whine….

Well, sumtin to be ponder…how can sumone, by not even a word can attract others about Islam…. Our Prophet himself(pbuh),even the Musyrikin was against him, but they still believe n admit that he was a truly good person, never tells lies…always helping the poors…n sum of the people at that time embraced Islam by just looking at his bright face! Amazing! Another example…Syeikh(s) in my beloved Misr…Name them Syeikh Gebril or Syeikh Khatem…can bring thousands of people to tears by just reciting alQuran…can make us think n put ourselves to the lowest point as a servant, asking n pleading for Allah’s forgiveness…N for Mr Idris Tawfiq who was once a priest, now by just smiling and say assalamualaikum cheerfully…makes us reevaluate ourselves….think and think again…how can these people do that?? Exactly by having a great, strong relationship with Allah the Almighty….

Take the lesson and apply to our conditions…to be a daei, sumone who calls others towards Islam…u have to have a good relatioship with Allah…He’s the one giving hidayah to people…n dont feel inferior if you’re not excellent in speaking or giving talks…Sometimes by just looking at u, people can get attracted to Islam…Dakwah is not just asking people to do this and that…It’s sumtin more than that…Dakwah is fann, an art…so…screw ur creativity…and make dakwah the most interesting u can!!

Dakwah is fann..



  1. salam jojie.. baru je lepas dgr talk idris tawfiq..die skrg ada kt ireland..tour europe plak..

    subhanallah..mmg amazing la die ni.

  2. subhanallah…menarik…

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